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  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    They are AMAZING! Everywhere I walk, I can't stop smiling and looking at the floors. They look so good. The gentleman that did the floors was also extremely helpful and a delight to deal with. Please pass on our comments to him as well because he did a stellar job.

    We appreciate the work!

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    The crew did an excellent job. We have been very pleased with your service, and I am so thankful Dan selected you to clean for our office.

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    Regal Cleaners is super professional attention to detail. Our washrooms in the warehouse were a nightmare to keep clean, but our cleaning service has done an outstanding job of keeping them clean. Also, the floor team is great. Overall, we are exceptionally happy and would recommend it without hesitation."

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    "They are very professional and do a great job cleaning our office! They really care about their clients. Whenever you have a problem, Suki is there to solve it for you"

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    The customer service person calls weekly to follow up on customer satisfaction. We couldn't be more satisfied with the splendid and thorough job performed by this company."

    P.S. I also want to thank you for the flexible scheduling we were able to accomplish to get the work done when I needed it. "

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    "I want to express my appreciation and satisfaction for the work and results of my workshop cleaning. The cleaners did a fantastic job, and I was pleased with the "Deep Cleaning" and the appearance of our office. I would be glad to recommend this service to others.

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    “I have a deep appreciation for my cleaning team. They are friendly, thorough, and have such a positive attitude!!”

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    The floor looks great! They came out better than expected. The Plexi looks good too. Thank you for doing an excellent job.

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    I have amazed at how clean floors in the lobby changed the look; even the stickers on the ground looked new. Just after the first cleaning session, I found out I chose the best decision of selecting Regal Cleaners as my office’s janitorial service company.

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    We are super happy with their services. The carpet cleaning service gave our office a new look.

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    “The office looks fabulous, and the windows, warehouse, and Lunchroom area sparkle! Thank you so much. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me.

  • Janitorial Services Richmond

    Thanks for the email, Nava! You’re very welcome for the referral. I think you guys are the best, and I’ll send as much business your way as I can. I figure if you guys could handle my office, you can handle anything!