Regal Speciality

Commercial Cleaners in Richmond, British Columbia

Janitorial Service Richmond

Task Analysis

We begin by reviewing our client’s requirements. Based on this information, we create a specific cleaning schedule and a task force of appropriate specialists to get the job done efficiently.

Customer Service

You may not see us when we maintain your site, but we provide consistent support with a Customer Service Representative who will meet with you during business hours. Any questions or concerns you may have are generated in a report and the information is relayed to your Supervisory Team. After customer contact, our Foreman will meet with the Cleaning Team on-site to review and address your concerns.

Through our continuous quality control and customer support, We serve you better.

  • Training

    Our cleaners have all passed an intensive 2-week training course, with an additional one-week training on the job.

  • Personnel

    Our 122 workers are highly trained maintenance professionals. In an industry plagued by high staff turnovers, REGAL people stay with us because we treat them well and recognize their contribution to our success.

  • Quality Control

    Every REGAL team has its own supervisor, who is responsible for maintaining Regal’s exacting standards of service to our clients.

  • Time Supervision

    REGAL’S computerized “Caller ID” system monitors and records the team’s check-in and check-out times on the job. You always get full value from REGAL!